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  • We sense and respond to the customers’ needs

    Catering to the domestic and industrial needs.

  • We sense and respond to the customers’ needs

    Catering to the domestic and industrial needs.


Industrial Products

Acoustic Rubber Tiles

Acoustic rubber tiles are sound proofing as well as sound absorbing facility does not allow any disturbance to pass through.

Hight torque tubes for marine application

High torque tubes, Designed & Developed, Manufactured & Supplied for pneumatic clutches, brakes for gas turbine & diesel propulsion system.

Polymeric Rubbing Strakes

This is a Special & a critical product replacement for natural wood which used as fenders

Air Break / Clutches

As team Mayur has developed a unique product that is Air break / Clutches in many sizes / Models

Expandable Bladders

It is an import Substitute item designed, developed & manufactured for a specific and critical requirement. It has been used for consolidation purpose subjected to expansion and Contraction

Rubber Fuel Hose for Automobiles

We manufacture High-pressure fuel hose for clamp-type fuel-injection systems. These hoses are approved for all kinds of fuel blends like straight methanol, etc. Its outer coating is ozone and abrasion-resistant

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Over 20 years of experience

Our firm has supported the Indian Navy in its hours of need and one of our best products are now being operated at sea due to our firm’s singular contribution.


We have experts and Guaranteed Work.

Our firm has the R&D facility, complete infrastructure, technical proviso and know-how to manufacture and supply the required quantity.


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We firmly believe and pursue for an excellence in all spheres. MAYUR team focus its energy and resources to satisfy the valuable customer. This is how our Mayur has been working for Indian Navy.